From 3 October to 21 November 2021

where_to_vote Arsenale Nord, Venice, IT


From 21 October to 5 November 2021

Solo Show

where_to_vote JC Gallery Mayfair,
14A Hay Hill, London, EN

One Step Closer to the Sky Solo Show
21 October - 5 November at JC Gallery, 14A Hay Hill, London
keyboard_arrow_down One step closer to the sky
51" x 41" x 12"
Copper frame and elastic threads
“When rising through the clouds and entering the blue, it is as the plane is stripping himself of his body.

[...] The more we reach up to high altitudes, the more we feel spoiled in the body, thus projected in a dimension where matter becomes essence.” One Step Closer to the Sky Arte Laguna Prize's Finalists Exhibitions PRESS RELEASE Arte Laguna finalist Beatrice Spadea, in collaboration with JC Gallery, presents her first Solo Show One Step Closer to the Sky The idea is to transport the viewer into another world, that doesn’ t necessarily stand in opposition to the present reality, but rather offers an alternative way of seeing it. More precisely, a line that binds my works is the theme of evasion, in strong contrast with the dictatorship of borders and conventional beliefs, the idea to go beyond, to overcome the border dictated by the social and architectural structures that we usually inhabit and that we often more or less consciously foster”. “The issues I deal with in my works are closely linked to contemporary problems, from the discussion around the real and virtual body, to the desire to escape from a “normalising normality.
Sunrise Waterfall_Beatrice Spadea Sunrise Waterfall

59" x 78" x 2"
Brass tube and coloured threads
A waterfall made of sunrise lights.
The water flows, appropriates the colours of the sky and becomes the sky.
Sunrise Waterfall is a sculpture and at the same time a painting.
The shades arise from overlapping strands of thin coloured cotton threads, drawing the colours of a sky at sunrise. The effect of the brushstroke used in painting is substituted by the use of threads, giving this work a sculptural value.

Above the Horizon Above the Horizon 3/3
8" x 8" x 14"
Epoxy resin and paper covered with printed film
Historically, the mask has always had a spiritual connotation.

In African culture masks were used during sacred rituals, believing that, whoever wore them, abandoned their identity to assume what the mask represented. Whoever wore the mask was a sort of medium, allowing communication with an otherworldly dimension.

Borrowing from tradition, Beatrice Spadea’s masks are conceived as objects that on the one hand establishes a boundary line between two realities, and on the other, act as a connecting bridge, between the inside and the outside, between us and the transcendent.